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Please Give Us a Good Home :3 by BerryPAWNCH

Great art you have. Love the brush technique and quality of art. I also love the way you drew the manes for each pony and.... *hnnnnngi...




Soon after, the King dies, but not before giving his son, Mac to find the mare & marry her if he wishes. After Mac was coronated as king, he made an announcement that every maiden of the land to try on the glass slipper. Whoever's hoof fits the shoe shall be Mac's bride. Far & wide, every mare of the land tried to fit their hooves into the glass slipper but the magic of the tiny shoe refuses to let them fit. Cindershy goes to her room, high up in the attic to find the other glass slipper, only to find her stepmother waiting with it in her hooves. Lady Dazzleine has deduced that Cindershy was the mystery mare who had attended the ball & danced with Mac. She even demanded that when Cindershy is married to Mac, she is to be made head of the royal household & ensures that her stepdaughters, Sonastasia Dusk & Arizella Blaze to get proper husbands who would provide them in luxury. When Cindershy refuses, Lady Dazzleine shattered her other glass slipper against the wall into a million pieces. Heartbroken & shocked by her stepmother's ruthlessness, Cindershy cried, "W-Why? What did I ever do to you? Why are you so cruel?!" Then, Lady Dazzleine explained to the young pegasus that she's the menace of the family & that everything comes with a heavy price. "Kindness is free. Love is free." Cindershy replied. "Love is WEAKNESS!" Lady Dazzleine answered scornfully before locking up the mare in the room.

Later, the cruel earth pony brings the shattered glass slipper & the identity of the mysterious mare to the Grand Duke & even blackmails him into rewarding her with the title of countess & advantageous marriage privelleges to her stepdaughters. The Duke then brings the shattered shoe to Mac, hoping to persuade him to forget the mysterious mare but this makes the newly-coronated king to find her.

The Grand Duke & the Captain of the Royal Guards resumes their mission to let every maiden to try on the glass slipper but the tiny shoe still refuses to fit their hooves. When they arrive at the Dazzeline estate, the glass slipper did not fit either of Sonastasia Dusk's & Arizella Blaze's hooves despite countless tries. The officers turned to leave only to hear Cindershy singing "Lavender Blue" by the attic window. The Grand Duke tries to leave anyway but the one of the stallions reveals himself to be Mac in disguise & commands his captain to investigate the sound. "I don't suppose you have another maiden in your home do you, Miss Dazzleine?" he said before entering into the house, much to Lady Dazzleine's surprise.

Once Cindershy is found, Lady Dazzleine immediately forbids her to try on the glass slippes on all grounds that she is her mother. "You are NEVER my mother & you will NOT BE my mother." Cindershy curtly replied. Despite in her rags, Mac instantly recognises Cindershy without her glass slipper. "I've been looking everywhere for you." Mac said with a broad smile. "You see, Mac. The truth is I'm not some princess of a neighbouring kingdom & I certainly don't own any land. I'm just a mare who works for others in servitude. My real name's Fluttershy but 'cause of how I look, I'm called Cindershy. If the shoe fits, will you still accept me as your bride?" With that, the young pegasus tried on the glass slipper & it fits perfectly like a feather! Cindershy was Mac's true love after all! "I don't care where you come from, I'm just glad to see you again. Would you do the honour as being my queen & bride?" Mac asked. "I do." Cindershy smilely replied. "By the way, Fluttershy suits you better. Let's go, Fluttershy.." Mac said. Hoof in hoof, the pegasus mare & the earth pony stallion proceeds to leave the house.

The Grand Duke, Sonastasia Dusk & Arizella Blaze pleads Fluttershy for forgiveness but the kind young mare had already forgiven them. Upon leaving, Fluttershy even forgave her stepmother. An order was even sent to their home saying that the Grand Duke together with Lady Dazzleine & her stepdaughters were to leave the kingdom & they were never to set hoof into the land again.

At the royal wedding, both Mac & Fluttershy were crowned King & Queen of the very land & became the kingdom's most beloved monarchs, ruling the entire kingdom with courage & kindess as well as in peace & harmony. For the first time in forever, Fluttershy was not only a queen in her name but she was something both her parents are proud of -a kind & courageous pony. "My Queen Fluttershy." Mac smiled. "My King Mac." Fluttershy giggled. And I, Twilight Sparkle, as the Fairy Godsister conclude that they lived happily ever after.

[6/6] Applejack Meets Vanellope by MeganLovesAngryBirds
[6/6] Applejack Meets Vanellope
Farm Earth Pony meets Candy Earth Pony.

No background, text & watermarks:


Wreck-It-Ralph (C) Disney
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (C) Lauren Faust & Hasbro
[5/6] Pinkie Pie Meets Anna by MeganLovesAngryBirds
[5/6] Pinkie Pie Meets Anna
Party Earth Pony meets Love Earth Pony.

No background, text & watermarks:


Frozen (C) Disney
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (C) Lauren Faust & Hasbro
Pinkie Pie's cutie mark vector (C) :iconblackgryph0n:
[4/6] Rainbow Dash Meets Gogo Tomago by MeganLovesAngryBirds
[4/6] Rainbow Dash Meets Gogo Tomago
Speed Pegasus meets Fast Pegasus.

No background, text & watermarks:


Big Hero 6 (C) Disney
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (C) Lauren Faust & Hasbro
Rainbow Dash's cutie mark vector (C) :iconblackgryph0n:
[3/6] Fluttershy Meets Rapunzel by MeganLovesAngryBirds
[3/6] Fluttershy Meets Rapunzel
Shy Pegasus meets Light Pegasus.

No background, text & watermarks:


Tangled (C) Disney
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (C) Lauren Faust & Hasbro
Fluttershy's cutie mark vector (C) :iconblackgryph0n:
From 20 April onwards, I'll be quite inactive on DeviantArt since school is starting for me. As you can see, I'm taking animation as a course in the school & this is my foundation year before the actual animation course takes place which I call "Year 1" onwards to "Year 2" & finally, "Year 3". Since this new school is different from secondary & primary school, I don't honestly know when I'll be back as I'll mostly be tied up schoolwork as well as upcoming art courseworks. It's a pleasure meeting all of you & thanks for faving & commenting on all my MLP vectors..


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